What does a copywriter do?

Copywriting is not the same as Copyright, which involves the rights to copy or distribute someone else's work. A copywriter writes engaging, persuasive text (copy) for businesses or organisations. Redink writes website copy, press releases, interviews, articles, brochure texts, 'about me' pages and much, much more. Copywriting is communicating with your target client. It is persuading your audience. It is satisfying your buyer. 


How long does it take to write my texts?

That depends on the type of text, the intention and your desired word count. Website texts can take a couple of days, while longer in-depth content that requires research can take a few weeks. I can deliver translations of 1000 words per day maximum, as to not compromise on quality or editing time. When you receive your offer it will include a deadline we can discuss and alter to your needs.


Is Redink run by one person?

Yes! Redink is a name chosen in 2015 for marketing purposes. It is solely run by Laurine Croes in the United Kingdom. I do everything from my own web design to SEO and Redink's marketing. In the future, I plan to collaborate with translators of other languages to offer translation packages for businesses.


What if I don't like my new texts?

We've all been disappointed by freelancers before and I understand that you want to make sure the investment is worth it. That is why it's important we communicate from the very beginning. If you feel like I am not the right writer for the job, please tell me so! I will also tell you if I think there might be another writer better suited for the job. If you don't like the text I've written, I will rewrite it once for free based on an extra free consultation.