• Laurine Croes

Is your website copy costing you clients?

You could be losing more money than you think.

I recently had a client who asked me to rewrite her landing page. Her platform attracted more than 150,000 unique visitors a month but failed to convert her visitors into paying members. The reason was not her content; she spent seventeen years perfecting targeted content for a very specific niche, nor was it the competition or lack of traffic. Her site ranked first in Google for multiple target keywords and thousands of people visited her membership landing page daily but: only few clicked that pay now button. Which brings me to the question every business owner should ask themselves:

Is my web copy costing me clients and money?

For the first time in all those years, my client finally hired a copywriter to improve her website texts. And you should too! If your job is not copywriting (actually, even then!) your business will benefit greatly from getting a skilled professional to fine-tune your sales copy.

Now, let me add that high-quality copy isn't going to improve the quality of a bad product or poor service. On top of that, your great content will need a great layout to show it off! There is no point in writing a dream sales text if you're planning to put it on your website in size zero handwritten italics for 'creative effect'.


My point is: good copy is useless if you don't know how to use it. Your page only has one chance to make a good first impression. If your layout looks like a 1999 PowerPoint presentation, your copy doesn't even stand a chance.

But my website looks fantastic!

If your page views are up, your bounce rate is down (it should be below 40% at the very least) and your website has that professional look but you still don't make the sales you think you can, you should investigate the actual words on the page. Too often people underestimate the importance of copywriting. What they don't understand is that copywriting has the power to make or break your business. I urge you to write that down:

Copywriting can make or break your business

Text sells. Text communicates with your audience. Text represents you. Bad text makes you look sloppy or incompetent. Great text makes you look confident and skilled. Small text can be strategic, large text draws attention. Texts describe, offer, promise, convince, bind, apologise and resolve. Anything you want to accomplish with your business needs text. If your text fails at first sight (your website) you are losing clients and money.

High-paying clients pay attention to detail and they expect the same from you. Any typo on your website reduces your credibility. Any grammatical error they notice could irritate them, no matter the industry. I'm not saying a typo or grammatical error on your e-commerce website will stop everyone from buying your items. What I am saying is you are missing out on potentially MORE sales and more VALUABLE customers if your copy isn't top-notch. If you are in a competitive industry, this customer will not hesitate to find a more professional looking website.

How can you tell if your copy is costing you clients?

There's the hard part. You are doing the best that you can and your business is growing. There is no way to measure how fast your business could be growing with better sales texts. Just ask yourself these three questions:

o How sure are you your website copy is of the highest quality it can be?

o How many clients do you have?

o How many clients do you want to have?

If the last number is higher than the first, and if the answer to the first question is 'umm' you should look at improving your website copy. Losing even one potential client is one too many, isn't it?

What now?

Anyone who runs a successful business would agree that copywriting should be included in your budget. There could be many reasons why it isn't already. Maybe you have just started your business and your website is a brand-new experiment. Maybe you have written the webpages yourself to prioritise spending on supplies or advertising. Or maybe you just never thought copywriting mattered in your industry, but the plain and simple truth is:

low-quality copy = low-quality clients.

If you're serious about growing your business you need to be 100% sure that your website texts are of equally high value as the clients you wish to attract. Not sure? Whether you decide to re-write your copy yourself or hire someone to do it professionally, do it now and don't lose any more clients!