• Laurine Croes

What is a copywriter and why does your business need one?

In the UK alone, thousands of businesses pop up on the WWW daily. Nasdaq estimates that by 2040, 95% of all purchases will be facilitated online. It is more important than ever to stand out from your competition online. The easiest way to do that? Through copywriting.

Definition of a copywriter

A copywriter (not to be confused with copyright law; different thing) writes engaging, persuasive copy for businesses or organisations. Copy is text written with the intention of being copied, for example in a newspaper or for advertisement. Today it also includes distribution online.

Copywriting is not blogging, but blogging can be a form of copywriting when its purpose is marketing, generating leads or to make money. Copywriting is also different from text or content writing. The difference lies in the persuasive nature of copywriting, versus storytelling or informative writing.

Why hire a copywriter?

You can hire a copywriter for your business to sell your products, services or an idea. Even though the easiest way to make your business stand out from all your online competitors is with good copywriting, good copywriting itself is not easy.

Think about everything you might need words for: from your logo and slogan to brochures, webpages and e-mails. Social media, catalogues and press releases. A copywriter is trained in the art of writing copy for any of these purposes and can make you tons of money through lead generating, PR, communication and search engine optimisation. Writing with knowledge of writing ALWAYS gets you better results than just, well, writing.

Choosing the right copywriter

A good copywriter should be skilled in sales, market research, SEO, advertising and he or she should have a good business instinct. They won't come cheap, but the investment will be worth it.

Most importantly, your copywriter must master the language in which they write. Finding a native speaker to write your copy is often a good place to start, but not always paramount. Some of the worst failures of copywriting I have ever seen were written by native speakers who did not master their language. Don’t confuse someone’s confidence for skill.

On a final note, you should always choose a copywriter you connect with on a personal level. Read their stuff! Choose someone who fits your company’s feel and goals. Choose someone whose writing you actually like.